Friday, 4 November 2011

Accusative and Instrumental

It took me more than a few days but I finally managed to put together some notes on the use of the Accusative and Instrumental, which will hopefully be helpful, although I must say that when it comes to cases it is perhaps wise to just practice, guess, make mistakes and then remember those mistakes. My advice is to try to remember some of the most common patterns / structures that go with each case and for the rest of it just go along as you learn. Some verbs and prepositions you will use very often so try to focus on those and worry not about the others :)


  1. Hi, thanks a lot for all the help, both of you, that's some great work here!! I started to learn polish recently and I like that's its all starting to get clearer :)
    I have a personal question, to both of you and for my own curiosity, what is your native language? And possibly what other languages did you know when starting to learn polish?
    Best regards,

  2. I'm English and so, almost by default (unfortunately), I knew and spoke only English - it was a revelation to me that it was even possible to learn another language, especially with almost no grammar knowledge - and I now consider being able to speak Polish one of my greatest achievements and I'm so glad I persevered!

    Wishing you even more clarity and thanks so much for your lovely comments, Ola - Wesołych świąt!

    Over to you, Sam :-)

  3. Okay wow, then I am very impressed, I am French and for me at least a lot of things are not new, such as according adjectives and possessive or other articles with the genders of the noun. Congrats then, and hope to reach this point at some time too! Wesołych świąt i szczęśliwego nowego roku!

  4. Hi, Alexandra. I'm Romanian and before learning Polish I had studied English and French and also spoke Spanish, which I kind of taught myself. Then it was time for Polish and then Portuguese, so I guess what I'm saying is that a) I have a soft spot for languages and b) there was life before and after Polish so even though at some point it might seem that this is where linguistic adventures end, just keep talking and having fun with grammar and all will not only get clear, but stay clear.
    Radosnych i pogodnych Świąt!


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