Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Verbs of Motion

These form a separate system which you just have to learn. However, it does rest on just two verbs: iść (to go on foot) and jechać (to move by means of transportation) - so there's no general movement, in Polish you either go on foot or by a vehicle. This table expresses the main (first person) aspects for the past, present and future:

For waaay more detail look at the resources in the Uczmy Się Polskiego (links) at right of here:
  • pp 80-81 Polish Grammar in a Nutshell
  • pp 291-293 A Grammar of Contemporary Polish
  • pp 108-110 A Concise Polish Grammar
If you can't find the right pages in the pdf files, just press ctrl-f and search for 'verbs of motion'.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Polish Alphabet - Polski Alfabet

Looking around the Interweb for some helpful stuff for a Polish exam (an exam in Polish! my first - I feel validated!), I came across a really excellent resource for anybody interested in Polish and Poland, It has a tagline 'Poland for Expats and Tourists', which sounds awful, but in fact it's quite brilliant and some very fine people have kindly spent time writing informatively about Polish culture, geography, romance, history, film, literature - and of course you can just join in and ask a question if you don't find what you want here. My interest was language and there's lots here; I skipped lightly over 'sexual phrases in Polish' (!) and found a wonderful resource at Practice Your Polish/Polish Lessons Units - a whole series of videos introducing the Polish alphabet and pronunciation (the one I include here, Polish Lessons Unit 1, is also on YouTube):

Great vid, Janusz!