Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Verbs of Motion

These form a separate system which you just have to learn. However, it does rest on just two verbs: iść (to go on foot) and jechać (to move by means of transportation) - so there's no general movement, in Polish you either go on foot or by a vehicle. This table expresses the main (first person) aspects for the past, present and future:

For waaay more detail look at the resources in the Uczmy Się Polskiego (links) at right of here:
  • pp 80-81 Polish Grammar in a Nutshell
  • pp 291-293 A Grammar of Contemporary Polish
  • pp 108-110 A Concise Polish Grammar
If you can't find the right pages in the pdf files, just press ctrl-f and search for 'verbs of motion'.


  1. Thaaaanks, it was really helpful and it cleared things up. And i took your advice, read some more from those books, so I now have a table of my own, with more verbs and their derivational patterns :) it's actually pretty nice, wanna see? :p

  2. Swietnie - bardzo chce zobaczyc!

  3. :)) Great! Prosze mi podac twoj email, moj jest (albo skype - mixedflavor). Na razie!

  4. Hey!
    This looks great and it seems really helpful. Are your talents endless??

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