Monday, 20 July 2009

The Infinitive (Bezokolicznik)

The infinitive is the basic form of the verb, the one you'll find in dictionaries and that you'll easily spot due to the ending ć : czytać (to read), pisać (to write), kupić (to buy) (most of the times. You probably guessed, there are exceptions even to this elementary rule*). We'll need the infinitive to form the future, but also for some specific constructions with modal verbs or some particular nouns - since it's very easy to learn & use, you'll soon notice how these constructions enrich your vocabulary :)

* and here are the exceptions: verbs ending in c, like
móc (can): mogę, możesz, może
piec (to bake): piekę, pieczesz, piecze
biec (to run): biegnę, biegniesz, biegnie
strzec (to guard): strzegę, strzeżesz, streże

Here are the most frequent constructions requiring the infinitive.


  1. I thought that móc and pomóc were the only ones that end in -c. I'll try to remeber all these exceptions!

  2. Do you all know of any german polish learning resources?

  3. This is a page by the University of Dresden, they start off at beginner's level. And here you have a Polish German community: for people from Germany who want to learn Polish and the other way round. Maybe these guys could help you with moe hints :)Good luck!


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