Friday, 4 January 2008

Locative Case

Case of location - answers the questions 'Who am I talking about?' (o kim?) I am talking about the movie star - and 'What am I talking about?' (o czym?) - and What is it on? On the plane, On the street, In the building. Note that it is only used after the prepositions:
  • na 'on, at'
  • w 'in'
  • po 'about, along'
  • przy 'near, by'
  • o 'concerning'


  1. Hi, I tried to print this diagram (I am also studying Polish), but was unable to (it is way too fuzzy). Can you tell me where I can find the original diagram? (or is it yours?)

    thank you, joy

  2. Hi Joy,

    If you click on the diagram, it will open up full page and as an image that you can download (right click and 'save image as') - you're more than welcome to download it :-)

    If this doesn't happen, then it's probably been stopped by a pop-up blocker in your browser.

    Let me know how you get on with it - and if you have no luck, leave an email address and I'll send you the original.

    Pozdrow, Biluś :-)


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