Friday, 4 January 2008

Vocative Case

Answers the questions who or what are you calling - or to call someone from a distance. This case is rarely used and some say don't even bother to learn it... who am I to argue? However, there are uses that are common:
  • when using titles - very important in Polish society - the Vocative is obligatory: Dzień dobry, panie profesorze! (Hello, professsor-Voc.!)
  • with diminutive (affectionate) forms of first names: Kasiu! Grzesiu! Hanu!


  1. hey,

    this blog is a good idea, I'll keep my eye on it:)

    what I would add is that vocative case is used primarily to address people or things.

    Like in the most notable Polish elegy starting with the words
    "Litwo, oczyzno moja"
    in which author addresses his native Lithuania

    therefore I wouldn't say it's rarely used, unless you don't address people or things:)

  2. A point well made! Thanks :-)

  3. i kept on looking for somebody who can aid me more in my learning the polish language. Im a foreigner here in poland and struggling with my i need to polish my polish all the time. good blog!

  4. Thanks a lot, ai! I hope you're enjoying your time in Poland - do please let me know if there is any language point in particular you'd like a focus on :-)

  5. Stick this in yer pipe and smoke it:

  6. Lovely! Thanks, Raf - duly smoked. It's great to hear these (new-to-me) idioms in context. And the presenters babble on just as much as on Blighty radio... (is that you, then? I like it!) :-)


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