Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Polskie Cases Overview

This is going to be my starting point, as this is probably where I have the most difficulty. Thing is, nouns and adjectives change their endings in singular and plural according to the way they're used as either subject or object or even if they're used with a particular preposition, verb or prepositional phrase (whatver that is) - and I just NEVER know when to '-ego' and when to '-ą' or '-ę'...

Anyway, there are seven cases to squeeze into your head - count 'em, here presented in their traditional order:
The following posts will all be a more in-depth presentation of each case, with not too much text but hopefully-helpful links (uczmy się polskiego on the right of here), useful guidance and exercises (100 Exercises on Cases!) plus a mind map like the one here (just click on it for a larger version):


  1. Hi there,

    I find this page really useful and your explanation of cases the best piece of info I've found online or in a book! I've been trying to learn cases for over 2 years and this has really helped me!

    I have one small request (well maybe it's not so small but it would really help) could you use hyperlinks on this page to link to your other pages about cases so when I click on Nominative (mianownik) it takes me to the relevant page.

    Thanks guys and keep up the great work!


  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your enthusiasm, it's much appreciated! Your request is a great idea and it's now done, I hope it helps.

    Cheers, Biluś

  3. Hi Biluś,

    Thank you!

    It really helps to just be able to jump to the appropriate case!


  4. I've been trying to translate some polish words but I keep tripping up on cases. Could you help,
    I can't seem to translate these words.
    znajduje ???
    tej something case of te???
    została was???
    tych ???
    zostały was???
    tych something case of the (ten)???
    nim ???
    tych ???

  5. Hi AJ

    Sorry for the delay, but a combination of holidays and deadlines is making it difficult to respond at the moment - we WILL get back to you, though (hope it's not too late for your current work).

    Cheers, Bill


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